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Document Title: Engaging Partners to Achieve Timely Permanency for Children and Youth Waiting to Be Adopted Series (Website)
Corporate Author: Capacity Building Center for States.
Publication Year: 2019
Abstract: Provides tips and strategies to engage organizations with deep community ties to help identify, recruit, prepare, and support adoptive parents and reduce the number of children waiting for permanency.
Document Title: Strategies for Authentic Integration of Family and Youth Voice in Child Welfare
Corporate Author: Capacity Building Center for States
Publication Year: 2019
Abstract: Discusses tips and strategies to effectively engage and sustain the involvement of families and youth at the agency level. Includes key tasks for authentic engagement, examples from the field and a tool of engagement with four primary ways to authentically engage youth and families.
Document Title: Embracing a "Youth Welfare" System: A Guide to Capacity Building
Corporate Author: Capacity Building Center for States.
Publication Year: 2018
Abstract: Presents guidance and examples to illustrate the Youth Welfare approach for working with youth in foster care. The Youth Welfare approach recommends shifting from a child-focused system that is reactive, case plan driven, and protection focused to a youth-focused system that is proactive, youth driven, developmentally framed, and normalcy oriented. This toolkit also provides examples of service provision for youth in foster care and describes how those services can be improved utilizing a Good-Better-Best continuum approach. Practical tools, including a worksheet, are included to assist readers in exploring the Youth Welfare approach to service provision.
Document Title: Youth Engagement Blueprint Series
Corporate Author: Capacity Building Center for States.
Publication Year: 2017
Abstract: Identifies a consistent and evidence-informed conceptual framework for youth engagement for child welfare administrators, program managers, and others. The series offers information, guidance, and a template for building organizational capacity for youth engagement in four thematic areas: viewing young people as organizational assets, having the right people, implementing flexible and innovative programs and practices, and using science and technology effectively.
Document Title: Authentic Voices Video Series
Corporate Author: Capacity Building Center for States.
Publication Year: 2016
Abstract: Raises awareness and provides resources to promote normalcy for children and youth in foster care and to support the implementation of related provisions in the Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act, Public Law 113-183. The normalcy aspect of the law promotes participation in age-appropriate activities and experiences that allow for healthy development and well-being for youth involved in foster care. The following collection of videos shares the stories of foster and adoptive parents, children, youth, and professionals, which lends insight into issues of belonging, connection, development, and normalcy for children and youth in out-of-home care.