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An Office of the Administration for Children & Families

Tribal CFSPs & APSRs

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Child and Family Services Plan (CFSP)

The CFSP is a five-year strategic plan that sets forth the vision and the goals to be accomplished to strengthen the states' overall child welfare system.


Annual Progress and Services Report (APSR)

The APSR provides annual updates on the progress made toward accomplishing the goals and objectives in the CFSP. Completion of the APSR satisfies the federal regulations by providing updates on a state's annual progress for the previous fiscal year and planned activities for the upcoming fiscal year.


Find out more about the programs covered by the state CFSP and APSR.


CFSP/APSR Tribal Toolkit

This toolkit contains all the information and forms needed to develop the state CFSP/APSR. The toolkit provides a central location for all technical assistance documents and materials, as well as references to specific laws, policies, and checklists that relate to the development of the CFSP/APSR.


Visit the Tribal Toolkit for more information.


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